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The Book of Kills Singles Club is a great value for BOK listeners! If you haven't subscribed, consider: You get an eleven track CD of all new BOK music for your first single, plus 5 or 11 (depending upon the duration of your subscription) more CD singles, each one with at least two previously unreleased tracks!

And don't forget...Book of Kills can be streamed and downloaded just about anywhere in the world on Apple Music, Amazon, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Rdio, Google Play, Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, and so on and so forth!

Jeezy Weezy...it has been 45 years since Janis Joplin died. She could've made so much more great music. But, hell...how many great musicians can you say that about?

I worked a little tiny bit on some material for the third and fourth singles in the BOK Singles Club series. Next week I think I'll be putting more time and focus into getting something concrete done.

I generally try not to promote hatred when it comes to one band or another (mainly because I'm sure there are folks who heard BOK, or The Karl Rove or Fear + Whiskey and instantly hated them and I really don't like my music to be hated), but this brief article in SALON magazine is pretty spot-on.

"Being an intellectual creates a lot of problems and no answers." -- Janis Joplin