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I've Been Busted For Using My Own Song In My Own Video

Holy John Fogerty, Batman!

CDBaby, which is the company I use to distribute my music to iTunes, Amazon, Slacker, Google Music, Spotify and all the other upstanding music companies which, as we all know, exist primarily to foster creativity and generate only semi-embarrassingly small profits from the use of artists' creations, has notified me that I am infringing on their copyright...uh...rights by using my own song in my own video, "Simple World". 

I am nearly finished with the second track for the ninth single of the month. It's a nice noisy little poppy shoegazer type song that I like. In fact, I think this is one of the better singles that I've produced thus far. But what do I know? I only make this stuff. As I noted in my last entry, I'm hoping to mail out the 9th single this week.

I was queried over the weekend about whether or not I intend to continue the "Single of the Month" series for another year. Although I'm mulling over doing some sort of monthly thing after the Single of the Month series ends in September, I don't believe I'll continue the series for another year. It has proven rather difficult to not only write and record anywhere from 2 to 11 songs a month for an entire year but to also design a CD package each time as well. And the financial reward is almost nil, so I can't think of many reasons to continue the series. That's not to say I'm not happy I did this. I'm delighted that I've been "forced" into writing, or at least recording, all this new material which currently stands at THIRTY-SIX previously unreleased tracks and counting!

I am thinking about compiling some, though certainly not all, of the songs I've recorded for the singles discs into one album and releasing it in October. Possibly even for distribution to the world. Yes, I know I said I'd never release any of these songs to anyone who didn't subscribe, but I'm considering some things I could do such as creating a unique compilation album with unique collage artwork and a couple of new and unreleased songs that only subscribers would get (completely free). We'll see. I'm just mulling over ideas. If you have any strong feelings one way or the other, let me know. I'll certainly pay attention to the feelings of subscribers.

Joy Division played their last-ever set with Ian Curtis on this day in 1980. Curtis hanged himself two weeks later just before the band planned to leave for this first tour of the United States.

On this day in 1991, Nirvana began the initial recordings for what would become their gazillion-million selling album, Nevermind.