Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

iTunes Etc

Apple launched iTunes eleven years ago today. Overall, I guess that was a good thing. At least it allowed small-time artists like me to potentially reach a much larger audience than was (theoretically) possible pre-internet. But the odd thing is that I seemed to reach far more interested people before iTunes and Napster, et al. But I've bitched about the internet's effect on music far too many times to count; I won't do it again today. 

The funny thing is that iTunes is now old hat. Streaming is the way to go these days. I must say I personally prefer Spotify and streaming whatever I want to listen to immediately over having to download something through iTunes, though the sound quality of files on Spotify is pretty low quality unless, of course, you pay a monthly premium for higher bitrate.

It's hard to believe that a year ago at this time Fear + Whiskey was slowly but surely imploding. In fact, by now I'd talked to Amy Bugg about whether there was any reason to continue onward. Obviously the eventual answer became clear: "probably not". By this time, I was also beginning to think that Book Of Kills was going to come together again (in the form of Casey and Jane Firkin, George Nipe III, and Pablo Olivieros) for at least a couple of shows and was more than ecstatic when we eventually did end up playing three really well-received shows. Whether there'll be any future shows...I don't know.

Time slows for no one, friends. Life slips by a little bit faster every day.