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It Rained Buckets Last Night

It rained and rained and rained yesterday, far into the night. So Mlou and I weren't able to go biking and the kids had left and gone home and that meant I had lots of time last evening to dabble a bit with some song mixes. I was surprised how well-balanced the mixes were on the three or four songs I worked on though each song still needed more than a little tweaking. Anytime you're working with more than four tracks simultaneously it can become quite a complicated affair to handle all of the tracks, unless of course you're using an automated system, which I'm not able to employ. I used to say that I 'hated' mixing, but I really don't. I think it's fun actually. Sort of like putting a musical puzzle together. That said, it's not easy. Creating a mix for a song is the sum of many smaller decisions and actions and if you're working with tape 'on the fly', you'll never create the exact same mix twice. If you want to hear how radically different the results of two different mixing sessions for the same project can sound, give a listen to the stereo and mono versions of The Beatles's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band...if you have discerning ears, you'll be amazed at the subtle, and not so subtle, differences. (The mono mix of Sgt. Pepper's is infinitely better, by the way, than the stereo mix.) I think I'll have a good block of time to work on some more on the album today. In addition to mixing, I'm not so sure that I'm even finished adding a few more little instrumental and vocal touches to a couple songs as well.

This is going to be my Sunfish Holy Breakfast.

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