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iPads & Helgamite

I'll be honest...I thought iPads had been around even longer, but five years ago today in 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad to the world. At the time, I remember many "experts" predicted that the device would not catch on. Since then about a quarter billion iPads have been sold worldwide. I'm reticent to admit this, but my wife and I own three. When we went on a short vacation last week, we had (counting my iPhone) five computers with us. Apple will be releasing iWatches soon. I doubt I'll buy the first iteration, but I'm not going to say I won't ever buy one. 

Hey folks, Casey Firkin (who many of you know used to be in Book of Kills) is in the studio right now with his band recording songs for a new album. He has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to help defray some of the expenses of putting together their record. You can help (as I did). Just go here to check out the band's album information. Thanks!