Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Interesting Conversations

I had an interesting phone conversation with Gary Bugg today. He's having a big birthday blowout in mid-August at his place and asked if I'd be interested in having Fear + Whiskey play a few songs. You already knew that, if you've kept up with all things Jim Shelley. Perhaps the more exciting news is that he would like to see me "re-form" two different Book Of Kills line-ups. One would consist of Dustin Bugg, Brian Temples and me (and possibly Mike Chiarello?), while the other would consist of Casey and Jane Firkin (and possibly Randy Simpson?) Don't know who would play bass in that configuration since that band was such a free-flowing, intuitive collection of musicians, though, unfortunately, I don't think Bill Bird would be a likely possibility. Each band would perform three or four songs. Could be an exciting event. If it comes off, I'll be sure to try to record it!