Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

I'm Stuck Being Me

"I remember when I interviewed Randy Newman and he basically said to me, 'I'm stuck being me.' I mean, he's selling millions of records but I thought it was interesting being trapped in who you are. For Daniel Johnston, he never had a chance at being a mainstream pop star. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't. It's like with him and Captain Beefheart and Chris Sievey, they were all forced into a position in pop culture because of what was going on inside their heads. I liked the idea that all these characters were forced to be on the margins of popularity and in fact reveled in that. I mean if [any one of them] had been on 'The X Factor', he would have been mocked and laughed off the stage." -- Jon Ronson (from an August 17, 2014, Washington Post story, "No Big-Headed Rock Star Here") about a new film based on the life of the late, semi-famous British musician, Chris Sievey, who took the stage under the name Frank Sidebottom.