Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

I do update the website...

I do regularly update the website. It's just that I add one or two small things at a time. Ya gotta go look for the stuff. 

Still not 100% from the flu. Others who've had this shit tell me it takes 3 weeks to get it all out of your system completely.

Started some preliminary work on a third song. It's funny how my mind works when it comes to creating new music. It's a very predictable process that I'm well acquainted with, being, of course, the owner of that particular mind of which I just spoke. I wonder how many more albums I'll make? At this point, each one I create feels like it just might be the last one. Who can tell? It all comes out in the wash, doesn't it.

Went to see Gravity yesterday in so-called "Real 3D". It was a pretty awesome movie. Highly highly improbable but more than 24 hours later it is still in my thoughts. There's a lot more to it than some folks seem to think there is. Wish it wasn't so damn expensive to see it ($11.50? Really?)