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HUSKER DU Getting Together Again?

Apparently the buzz is building that Husker Du could possibly be on the verge of reuniting. That would be bigger news to me than the Pixies getting back together in 2004. Although I worship Kim Deal to this day and absolutely adore the Pixies and the Breeders, they didn't have nearly the influence on me that Husker Du had. To this day, there's never been a band that came closer to my ideal rock and roll sound than Metal Circus/Zen Arcade/New Day Rising/Flip Your Wig era Husker Du. Yes, The Beatles had more of an influence on me than just about anything that has ever existed on earth, but Bob Mould, Greg Norton and Grant Hart...well, they were just this close to being the perfect band for me. That I never found two kindred spirits to join me in creating my own personal Huskers type roar is one of my life's great failures.