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Human (Again)...And Various Other Subjects Too Long To Include In The Title

I rarely go back and listen to my own albums, though sometimes months, or even years, after I've recorded something I'll get the notion to stick one disc or another into my ancient CD player and remember the songs all over again. However, last night a copy of HUMAN AGAIN fell out of an old book I was getting ready to sell on eBay (and no...I haven't the slightest idea how one of my CDs ended up in a book) and since it only runs 14-15 minutes, I decided to pop it into my player and listen to it for the first time since I'd sent it out as BOK Single of the Month #1 back in August. It was odd how little of it I remembered. Each little song was a pleasant surprise. It was also a surprise to me how much I still liked that little record. It's sort of a cross between WASP 51! and IF I SHOULD FALL and, like those two records, there's a lot going on in each song, not least of which is an abundance of emotion, though I'm sure most of the songs don't resonate with other listeners in quite the same way as they do for me.

I really do believe it's one of my better albums.

There's a live version of "I Fell Inside" from the March 1, 2012, show by Fear + Whiskey on WXJM on the audio page. Worth a download.

Tommy Tedesco died on this day in 1997. He was one of the greatest session guitarists in the history of popular music. I guarantee you have listened to him many more times than you might think. There's a great documentary about Tony and his fellow "Wrecking Crew" cohorts now playing on Netflix, though I can't offhand remember the name of it. Oh...yeah...the movie is called The Wrecking Crew!

"There are only four reasons to take a gig: for the money, for the connections, for the experience, or just for the fun." -- Tony Tedesco