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How The CD Lost Its Shine & Other Matters Of Interest...

Found this relatively recent article about the decline of the compact disc. It doesn't take too long to read and it's pretty interesting. Check it out.

Thanks for your interest in the Book of Kills Singles Club. I am still mulling over a few ideas. For example, should it be bi-monthly instead of monthly? That would make it easier to afford. As I mentioned before since it costs about $3.15 to manufacture a disc and inserts and package and mail it, it's going to be $45-50 a year to subscribe to a single-a-month club, whereas a bi-monthly club would obviously be only half that much.

The negative, of course, is you have to wait a lot longer to get each single. A positive would be that instead of two songs a month you would get four or five songs every two months. Again, I have to really think this through. Suggestions are always welcome. If you're excited about the club, tell others who you think might enjoy subscribing themselves. Thanks.

The first single will be dropping soon. Within the next two weeks. Honest. The insert's done. I'm burning some test CDs. As I've already noted, the inaugural disc will feature 11 (short) tracks.


Famous Rolling Stone record review of The Beatles's Magical Mystery Tour (probably one of my top ten all-time favorite albums) in 1967:

"There are only about 100 people in the world who understand our music." -- John Lennon