Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Honest...I Tried

Honest...I tried and tried and tried to finish the new remixes but I just can't get a finished product that I'm satisfied with for any of the songs. Seems like every time I think I've finally got a great new mix I listen to it an hour later and it just doesn't cut it. Good thing I took one last listen to the "final" mixes, 'cause I'd uploaded them to CDBaby for distribution but (fortunately) hadn't given the okay to finalize everything. So now I'm pretty busy (as usual) the rest of the weekend and through Monday. So I'm aiming for an end of next week deadline now. 

It'll get done. But I'm not going to be satisfied until I'm satisfied.

Texted George Nipe III last evening about the band. I've really lagged behind in getting prepared for that as well because I've been so pre-occupied with the E.P., but I've got to get my shit together. 

Oh well. Sooner than later, I'll have my ducks in a row and we'll see what's what for the future. 'Course next week's election might depress me so much that I end up not being able to make music for weeks...