Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


I'm pretty sure CDBaby will be asking me to upload yet another album within the month. I've really considered doing some sort of live anthology, as I've alluded to previously. I'm not sure how "popular" a non-professionally recorded record would be, though. I expect that the Singles Series recordings will comprise at most two more uploads.

Practice tomorrow. I think we'll largely continue to work on the two new things that we started work on last week. I hope that I can do a better job of recording the session. I know that some folks really do enjoy "listening in" on our practices.

On this day in 1988, Nirvana recorded their famous 10 song demo with Jack Endino. Of course, not long afterwards, Jonathan Poneman, the owner of Sub Pop Records, heard the tape and offered the band a chance to record a 45. 

"I believe that major corporations are going to eventually abandon the recording, marketing and distribution of music. 'Eventually' is sooner than you think. The margins are going to continue shrinking, and it's all too labor intensive. I'm talking specifically about new artist development. Catalog titles are easy enough to supply as long as the retail points exist. I believe that you will have a corporate consolidation at the top where mega-artists will be developed and fed to the public via DVDs, overpriced, theatrical concert tours with big promotional tie-ins, and low-brow motion pictures. The music biz as we now know it will become a folk industry -- kind of like how vinyl is regarded in the rock community. The hope for big profits and the motivation for sustaining huge operations will be lost. I see this all as good news. Hallelujah! The meek shall inherit the earth." -- Jonathan Poneman