Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Have You Ever...

Have you ever been so sick that for days on end you felt as though you were little more than a cloudy figure inhabiting a misty dream? I came down with a mild sore throat a few days before the BOK gig at The Blue Nile (you shoulda been there) on January 5th, but by the time of the show, I was pretty much 100%. So I figured I'd contracted my annual bout with illness, which always seems to come around this time and that I'd gotten off really lucky this time. Little did I know, to coin a phrase. Very early this past Monday morning, I woke up with a scratchy throat that immediately had me worrying. By the afternoon, I was getting chills and had a pounding headache. By Tuesday, I had a temperature of 102, higher than I've had in years. I felt so bad I could barely get off the couch. Wednesday was much the same. Today I've felt a little better, but tremendously tired and very shaky. There've been lots of strange thoughts running through my mind as I've lain around doing nothing but feeling bad, particularly this strange feeling that (this will sound mad) we really all are living in a sort of fake world where everything's already been laid out to run to completion as programmed. An elaborate hoax, if you will. (Like I said...mad.) Anyway. I think I'm getting better. 

Thought (if you can call it that) for the day...how about a long-lost album from my listening past that somehow bubbled up into my consciousness during the hazy moments of the last few days? If you've never heard it (and I bet most people haven't), PLEASE check out Little Feat's first record, Little Feat. It is nothing like any of their other albums, really, but it is amazingly good. And at 33 minutes, it's just right for the modern American's short attention span. Believe me. It is a hot gumbo mess of goodness. I must go seek it out again on CD. 

Answers to some questions I've received via email and that I have yet to respond to: (1) I have no idea when BOK will play live again. Before we do, we've agreed to get back together and learn some new songs. (2) I have not recorded a new song for the future album since mid-December. I have the 3rd song written...just haven't had the time or the energy to put it down on tape.

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