Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's no secret amongst people who know me well that I LOVE Thanksgiving far more than any other holiday. No gift giving. No gift receiving. No sweat. Just family, food, a beer or two, and football all afternoon and evening. And believe me, I am really, really, really thankful for all the blessings I've received over the years and it's nice to have a day like this to reflect on how good (knock on wood) I've got it, at least at this moment in time. And since this is a MUSIC site, let me say how thankful I am that somehow Jane and Casey Firkin, George Nipe III, Pablo Daniel Olivieri and I came together...ironically because we re-assembled for what was ostensibly a one-off show that in the end we were sort of asked not to play! I only hope that we can continue onward and make some truly great music together in the future. As I approach the end of my musical "career", it's nice to know that I'm heading there in the company of great, beloved friends.

The 2009 album TOWARD THE ESCAPE (in my opinion, a BRILLIANT record) will soon be available from CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, and all the other world-wide musical outlets. This is the "double bonus" version with 19 tracks, including a couple of recordings from my days in the Plague Dogs as a bassist! It's not to be missed! Download your copy soon! I'll be thankful. Honest.