Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day. I hope you have much to give thanks for.

Two Thanksgivings ago I was thankful that George Nipe III, Casey and Jane Firkin, and Pablo Olivieri had somehow come together to play a show (one of what would turn out to be three.) I was hopeful that we'd continue to play on and off over the next few years, but that proved a pipe dream unfortunately.

One Thanksgiving ago, George and I were talking about possibly putting together a band. Unfortunately, that turned out to be pipe dream #2. George and I have jammed a couple times since then with George playing drums, but nothing really has come of it.

Perhaps there's one last band left in my future. Perhaps not. If not, I'm thankful for the music I was able to make with some great, talented people. More than that, I'm thankful to have been friends with all of them.

 Now go eat something Thanksgiving-y and watch a football game!