Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Good News If You're Looking To Download RIDING THE ECHO DOWN!

I'll be uploading the new BOK album, RIDING THE ECHO DOWN, to iTunes, CDBaby, Slacker, Amazon, eMusic, and many other online music stores early next week. So those of you who've asked me to make the album available for download can soon get it from your favorite store! Thanks for your interest. I'll make further details available as soon as possible.

As far as Book Of Kills the band goes, I appreciate the interest of those of you who've inquired about future gigs, but the line-up of Casey Firkin, George Nipe, Jane Firkin, Pablo Olivieri and me, of course, is kaput. Sorry. I saw past BOK bassist/vocalist Bill Bird yesterday and he had some interesting advice as far as forming any bands in the future. I appreciated his wisdom.