Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Good Day in the Studio

I had one of the most productive days in my little make-shift studio today that I've had in many many months. I wrote the lyrics to two of the four songs (two were already done, more or less) for the fifth single, recorded the lead vocals for three songs, finished all the instrumentation for all four songs, and mixed and mastered everything. I also put in a couple of minutes on the insert, but just didn't have the time to complete it. I did burn the labels on the CDs. I'll be pretty slammed tomorrow unfortunately. But if I have enough time, I'll see if I can finish everything and mail the singles. Don't count on it though. It's more likely that I'll mail everything off on Monday. This is a really quirky E.P. I hope you'll like it...'course you can't like it if you don't get it! Subscribe today if you haven't already!

I'm thinking for the sixth single that I'm either going to record some cover versions of two or three songs I particularly love from the 'sixties and 'seventies or go the 'eighties route and pay a little homage to my beloved shoegazer bands with a couple of super fuzzed out original compositions. We'll find out when we get there.