Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Four Tracks

Today I completely finished the first three tracks of the next single and recorded part of the fourth. I also have tracks five and six pretty much worked out in my head (minus lyrics), but I'm not certain that I'll be able to everything get done by Friday since I'll still have to master everything and then sequence it. As I mentioned before, this single will end up being around a 9-10 minute sequence of short songs that more or less link together musically and lyrically. I'm quite certain I'll finish the fourth track tomorrow morning and perhaps I'll get a start on the fifth one, if I'm lucky.

I know I've been rather lax over the last month or so in putting up new tracks on the audio page but I've been so much more fixated on the singles series and the music store uploads of vintage BOK/Fear + Whiskey material. Which reminds me...I am in the very slow process of finishing the upload of the (slightly) revised Fear + Whiskey anthology through CDBaby. In the meantime, there's at least twenty BOK albums already available for streaming and downloading on just about every online music store in the world. Why not give a listen to a few? And while you're doing that, make sure to turn on a friend or three. It's crucial to help me continue to make music and keep bookofkills.com going (it's heading into its twentieth year!) Thanks!