Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Five, Six...Done (ummm...soon...)

Is it just me or is it kinda warm?

(I wrote out the next paragraph last Friday and then forgot to post it, so I edited it a bit for today.)

I finished track four last Thursday in between a lot of other stuff going on. (Believe it or not, we still have people working on our house (yes, that's right...ten months in and we're still paying for construction. Now it's the roof and gutters.) But I had no time after that to devote to more recording until today (Tuesday). I haven't started on the insert. But...I'm fairly certain that I will mail out single number ELEVEN before August rolls around. And then there's one last CD and I've completed one of the more difficult creative goals i ever set for myself. I don't know if I've ever recorded 40+ tracks in one year, though I did write and record more than 30 new songs back in 1992 and 1996.

The great (well, as far as music goes at least; I couldn't tell you if he's great at anything other than writing excellent songs and being the front man by which all other front men are judged) Mick Jagger is SEVENTY-THREE today. If there is any rock and roll writing duo that can seriously challenge The Beatles for the title of "best of all time", it would have to be Jagger/Richards. You could plausibly make the argument that they're better than Lennon-McCartney but I wouldn't try to argue that point simply because when The Beatles were active the Stones always seemed to be following Lennon/McCartney's lead. And, of course, Jagger/Richards could never approach the restless creativity of Lennon/McCartney. So I'd have to say J/R takes a back seat to L/M.

"The grown-up world was a very ordered society in the early '60s, and I was coming out of it. America was even more ordered than anywhere else. I found it was a very restrictive society in thought and behavior and dress."

"I see songwriting as having to do with experience, and the more you've experienced, the better it is. But it has to be tempered, and you just must let your imagination run."

"I remember when I was very young, I read an article by Fats Domino which has really influenced me. He said, 'You should never sing the lyrics out very clearly.'"

-- Mick Jagger