Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

First Song/Sixth Single

I've already written and completed the first track for the sixth single. It's a very fast, very garage-y, electro-punk kind of thing. I think it lasts about 1:45. Long, I know, but every second is jam-packed with a reason for being. It's my odd little paean to David Bowie, I guess.

I've also laid down the rudimentary rhythm track for the second song. If I get that one done quickly enough, I might try to write and record a third song.

On this day in 1965, fifty freaking years ago, Bob Dylan began work on his to-be album, the completely mind-blowing Bringing It All Back Home, to this day one of my very most favoritest albums ever. Dylan recorded two songs that first day, "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue". Wow.

Of course, in the span of a little over a year, Bob would produce maybe the greatest trio of rock and roll albums ever: Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 51 Revisited, and Blonde On Blonde...which he followed with John Wesley Harding! (rivaled, I guess only by The Beatles' Rubber Soul, Revolver and Sgt. Pepper...which the boys followed with The Beatles a/k/a The White Album!, and the Rolling Stones' Beggar's BanquetLet It Bleed, and Sticky Fingers...which they followed with Exile On Main Street!)

Oh wait...what about Led Zep's I, II and III? Followed by whatever the fourth one's called. Damn.

Oh wait again...Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath, Paranoid and Masters of Reality. Okay...close, but not quite, I guess.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Velvet Underground's Velvet Underground & Nico, White Light/White Heat, and The Velvet Underground.

Bleach, Nevermind and In Utero? Close? Not quite?

Folks knew how to make albums way back when.