Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

FIRST Jam Tomorrow

I'll be driving into George III's house early tomorrow evening to jam for the first time with George and Garfield. I don't know how long my voice will last. Usually the first couple times I jam with a new band my voice gives out after about forty-five minutes and considering my health issues the last week or so, I doubt I'll be good for more than an hour. But in that amount of time I'm pretty certain we can get four or five songs going pretty well. Looking forward to it. I might even record the session. You know me...I like to document my band escapades aurally. So check back in a day or so and I might have a bit of audio from the first session up.

I finished mastering the thirteen songs for the next BOK upload. I really like this album. I have since I first recorded it back in August 2015. It's a good headphone listen because there are so many little audio touches in every track. I'm not sure folks these days care much about that sort of listening experience though. Back in the '70s, my friends and I would spend hours listening to the Beatles or the Grateful Dead or Deep Purple or the Rolling Stones or whomever and marveling at the way each track had been put together. I learned everything I know about playing and recording during those days. Nowadays I'll say something to a friend like, "Man, listen to that bass!" and they'll say, "I'm not sure what you mean. How do you pick the bass out? What should I listen for?" How times have changed.