Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Finally Progress on the Upload

Early last evening, after a nice 45 minute walk with my wife, I spent an hour or so finishing up some of the finer points of the remixes for the "new" E.P. that I'll soon be uploading to CDBaby et al. If you've got a sharp ear for the differences in remixes and remasters, I think you'll appreciate this little album's wealth of subtle sound nuances.

I grew up, as you well know, listening to The Beatles, and loved listening to the various small differences in the mixes of the great majority of their songs. (If you're not familiar with "Beatle recording variations" and share my interest in the topic, check out "The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations". I find it a fascinating site. You might also want to give a listen to "The Beatles Multi-Track Meltdown" podcast which you can find on iTunes.) If you're a fan of BOK music, you already know that many of my recordings also feature slight to not-so-slight differences depending upon the albums (both original, compilation and re-issue) they were released on.

Anyhow, look for the E.P. to be completed and uploaded by this Thursday.

"The more time you spend on an old idea, the more energy you invest in it, the more solid it becomes, and the more it will exclude new ideas." -- Brian Eno