Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Feels Like The First Time...

For the first time ever, someone actually responded to my request for BOK-oriented material! It's absolutely no surprise that it would be Casey Firkin, whom many of you will remember from the 2000-2003 Book of Kills era, as well as his brief stint in Book of Proles in 2004 and as part of a way-too-brief "reunion" of BOK in late 2013. Anyway, Casey contacted me a couple nights ago to let me know that he had a pretty sizable cache of photos, artwork and so forth, mostly from the 2000-2003 era, of course. Awesome.

If you have photos or video or sound recordings or anything else related to Book of Kills, please let me know!

Yesterday I did some more recording of the second track for Single of the Month #6. I'm hoping that today I'll get most of it done. I won't have a chance to work on anything after that until late next week. I've got a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do for the artwork, so I will try to work on that in the off-moment here and there.

"I've always wondered if being an artist in any way, or in any nature, is kind of a sign of a certain dysfunctional nature, a social dysfunctionalism anyway. It's an extraordinary thing to want to do, to want to express yourself in such rarefied terms. I think it's a looney type thing to want to do. I think the saner, more rational approach to life is to survive steadfastly and to create a protective home and a warm, loving environment for one's family, and to get food for them and that's about it. Anything else is extra. Culture is extra. I guess it's a freebie. You know, we only need to eat. We don't need a particular color of plate or a particular height chair. Anything will do but we insist on making 1000 kinds of chairs and 15 kinds of plates. It's unnecessary and it's a sign of the irrational side of man. We should just be content with picking nuts. Not mine of course." -- David Bowie