Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Fear + Whiskey Anthology In The Works?

I listened to the Fear + Whiskey e.p. Bona Fide last evening and the idea struck me that it might be fun to throw together a F+W anthology...maybe 18-20 songs that would include the twelve songs we recorded in studio as well as a few live tracks. We never did do nearly as much live performing or recording as we should have (though that's water under the bridge now) so a one CD album would give a pretty good picture of the band. I spent an hour or so today looking through some of the live recordings I made since early 2010 and sadly there's not a whole lot of material that would be suitable for an album. The main problem is that far more often than not the vocals are so low in the mix that the songs are simply unusable. Anyhow...more info as this little project takes shape.