Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Fear + Whiskey?

2013 hasn't been a particularly good year for Fear + Whiskey. We haven't really been able to muster the motivation and energy to secure many shows and, even more distressing lately, to find the time to practice. I was walking with my wife, Mary Lou, tonight and it really hit me how long I've been in this band...over three years. That's the longest stretch I've ever been in ANY band. In all that time we never did really quite accomplish what early on I hoped we would. We only performed live a handful of times (a problem that has plagued not just Fear + Whiskey but The Plague Dogs, The Karl Rove and the 2008-2010 version of BOK). And I believe, even counting the three "demo" songs Amy, George, Zack and I recorded a couple weeks ago, that we only managed to commit nine or ten songs total to tape. We should've written and recorded far more...but that's mainly my fault. We did write a few really nifty things...Bona Fide, The Pleasures Of Saying Goodbye, Few And Far, Carry Me, and Blue Heart Drumming come to mind...but we should've forced ourselves to create more than we did.

That said, I've surely enjoyed the company. Jeff Lown, Zack Simpson, old buddy George Nipe, and of course Amy Bugg...they're all super, creative people. What a blessing it's been for the past twenty-five years to have played with so many quality musicians/human beings. I hope I'm not done yet. But I think that perhaps the end is in sight for Fear + Whiskey. This is something, by the way, that I "discussed" with Amy through texts. It's very frustrating to be in a band and not play live regularly...at least for me. But if you don't work hard at finding gigs and if you limit yourself (for whatever reason) to only playing locally (especially in a musically backwards small city like Harrisonburg that largely only supports country and classic rock cover bands with any consistency), then you're going to end up doing a lot of practicing and not much else.

Well. We'll see. Nothing's written in stone.