Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

F + W Practice

Zack, Amy and I jammed for about an hour last evening. George, unfortunately, wasn't able to participate. We did, however, pick out 9-10 songs for the August show. Whether or not that will be Fear + Whiskey's final show isn't clear; I suppose the band could continue in some form. Certainly we could do some recording in the future, if nothing else. The jams last night were pretty clunky. None of us had played much in the past month and we sorely missed George.

This coming Sunday I'll be meeting with Casey, Jane, George and Zack and we'll attempt to hash out our set list. As far as the Brian & Dustin BOK line-up goes, I'm not clear on many, if any details, since I haven't spoken to either Brian or Dustin. Since Gary Bugg is the mastermind behind this whole event, I'm kind of leaving it up to him to set things up for us. I would imagine if that line-up does indeed come together that we would practice a couple times in the same space as does Fear + Whiskey. Of course, I'm also likely going to do a three song set with Brian and Dusty and Gary. This is a lot of music to get in order before August.

Other matters: Did you know that Sean Rayburn of PixiesMusic.com fame is attempting to fund an elaborate picture book featuring mainly previously unseen material of the Pixies from 1985 to the band's dissolution in 1993? If you're interested in obtaining a limited edition copy signed by Black Francis, go look up the project at kickstarter.com. I have already put my order in! (Gee, I wonder when the Book Of Kills book will see the light of day?)

When i shut down the old bookofkills.com site in March, I worried that few people would come back to this new one. Fortunately, my fears were misplaced. Daily viewership has surged past any from the "old days". Why still baffles me. There is no Book Of Kills band (though in my dreams I see one that I wish would come together and actually play venues beyond the Harrisonburg/Charlottesville area) and there've been no new BOK albums in years. But folks seem to somehow find the site and maybe they're telling friends about it? I don't know. Whatever the reason or reasons, I'm just thankful that folks seem interested now more than ever.