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Even More of a Record than It Was

20,064 free songs were downloaded from bookofkills.com in January. That far surpasses the previous high of September 2015's 16,240! Thanks for listening. Thanks for reading. Thanks for letting others know about Jim Shelley & Book of Kills. Keep streaming. Keep downloading (well, actually almost no one downloads BOK songs, but you could, right? Yeah, I'm talking to you!) Actually someone from Australia downloaded a song last week ("Ah Ahh Ahhh!", I think. For some reason, that song is really popular in Australia). It's easy to remember downloads because, as I said, almost no one does it anymore and when someone does, it's a rather memorable occasion.

A couple notable events occurred on this date: 17 year-old Neil Young performed professionally for the first time on this day in 1963. One year later, on this same day, The Beatles hit #1 on the U.S. singles chart with "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

"Y’know, I don’t give a shit whether anybody BUYS the Archives or not. I just wanna do it. And there may only be two hundred copies, signed by me. But it’s gonna fuckin’ exist. When it’s done, people can do whatever the fuck they want, make any fuckin’ order they want out of it. But they’re gonna have the whole fuckin’ thing to choose from. They’re not gonna get part of it. Everything – the good, the bad, the ugly." -– Neil Young discussing his potential Archives in an interview with Jimmy McDonough; specific date unknown

"I think in some ways – only in some ways – but in some ways, rock and roll has let me down. It really doesn’t leave you a way to grow old gracefully and continue to work. If you’re gonna rock you better burn out, ‘cause that’s the way they wanna see you. They wanna see you right on the edge where you’re glowing, right on the living edge, which is where young people are. I still love rock and roll and I love to play the songs in my set that are sort of rock and roll, but I don’t see a future for me there." -- Neil Young