Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

E.P. Done...Probably.

Looks like the new mini-album is done. It's going to be called HUMAN AGAIN. Fourteen tracks were recorded. Eleven will most likely make it onto the compact disc. Eleven tracks, eighteen minutes. Delicious. I really like it.

What's it like? It's BOK.

Work now starts on the insert, which should be a four leaf affair this time. No promises though. Insert shouldn't take long. Writing and recording will continue for the foreseeable future, though of course any new material will end up on later discs.

JS & BOK Singles Club? I don't know. Still. I like the idea of exclusive releases. But not the idea of work I create never going public. Maybe the singles could be semi-exclusive.  In other words, SINGLES CLUB subscribers would get compact discs each month of material that wouldn't be released in any other form for at least a year. HUMAN AGAIN wouldn't go public until August 2016. Still pondering.