Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


The 1992 Book Of Kills album, DON'T STOP THE SCREAM is now available on iTunes, CDBaby and a few other sites. Once an album is uploaded it takes a while for most sites (sometimes as long as one to two months) for it to be available everywhere...that is, unless you're a big name artist, in which case the album is made available everywhere the day it's uploaded for sale. Occasionally someone will contact me and ask how they can donate to the site. I no longer have links for donations on bookofkills.com, but you can send donations to my Paypal account in any amount by using my jnipe@aol.com email address. You don't even need to belong to Paypal to make a donation in this way. Of course, I'd rather you download an album or song through iTunes or CDBaby or whatever online store you like most. You can also contact me through my bookofkils@aol.com address if you're interested in purchasing an actual CD. You can also stream Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills music on Spotify and (I guess) other streaming services. And tell your friends about BOK. I appreciate your interest and encouragement.

And please...if you can't afford to buy one of my albums but would like to have one, email me. I'll be glad to send you a CD if you genuinely don't have the bread to buy it. If you have bought a CD in the past and have lost it or it's simply worn out, contact me! I'll send you a replacement.

What's that you say? Where's the new album? Well, gosh...I haven't worked on it now in quite a while. All this family and book-selling stuff seemed to come at once and I wasn't able to record for days on end and then I kind of lost the focus I'd managed to muster. Then I sort of started thinking about exploring a totally different direction in music and couldn't figure out how to bring the sessions I'd started to a satisfactory end. I don't know exactly where I'll be taking things in the near future. I could release the ten songs I have largely completed as a glorified E.P. or I could hope that somehow I'll be able to get back into the mood and finish what I originally started. It's useless speculating. 

Anyway, there's lots of BOK music out there on the internets as is. Why not check some out?