Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Done With One

I'm pretty much done with the first track for the 8th single of the month. It's a new rendition of one of the first songs I ever recorded back when I was doing "multi-tracks" by doing sound-on-sound with a Sony reel-to-reel. I think it's pretty cool...sort of starts off as a bare bones Velvet Underground sort of thing and by the end has evolved into a full-blown Phil Spector-ish production.

(Oh...if you don't know what "sound-on-sound" is, that's the name given to the now largely discarded practice of recording on one track of a two track tape machine, then dubbing that recording onto the other track while adding a second instrument or voice. You can do this ad infinitum if you wish but each time you do the newest track loses a bit of fidelity and background "hiss" gets a little louder {"hiss" is the sound of the magnetic particles on the tape dragging across the tape head}. Of course, the final product is also monaural. I still have several of those songs I recorded using sound-on-sound but I don't have a working tape deck anymore. Anyhow, that's your off-the-cuff lesson in ancient recording techniques. Sound-on-sound was pioneered, by the way, by the great Les Paul.)

I'm pretty sure I know what the next song will be. I won't be able to do anything on it tomorrow, but I'd love to get a good two or three hours in working on it Thursday.