Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Discography and Store Pages Getting There + Other News!

The Discography page is just about finished. The Store page is about half-way done but it should be completed very soon. I'm involved in some other things right now and after today I won't have any time at all to work on anything BOK-related until the middle of next week. But I hope I can update the Store page by the end of today.

Those "other things" are being out of town and, as of yesterday, looking more carefully and thoroughly for rare BOK/Fear + Whiskey/Karl Rove nuggets. Yesterday I found eight "new" tracks, including three very interesting early mixes of "Jefferson Fresh" (from IF I SHOULD FALL), "Psychic Diving" (from the SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION sessions), and "Yeah (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)" (from the original SO FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION). I also turned up two different early run-throughs of "Make the Right Things Right", one of which is rather Crazy Horse-ish and quite intriguing. I also found a weird little (about 3/4's completed) instrumental from the 1994 SONGS FROM A GONE WORLD sessions, and two very brief acoustic based songs that I'd completely forgotten about...one from the 2014 RIDING THE ECHO DOWN sessions and the other from 1999. All of these discoveries have led me to the conclusion that I "need" to release a new rarities collection in 2015 a la THE STRANGE ONE.