Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Discography and Store Pages Are Temporarily Down

Yes, I am aware that the Discography and Store pages are down. I am doing a bit of work on them to iron out a few minor problems and formatting issues. They should be back up in no more than two-three days.

Not sure why, but people really seemed interested in the couple of blogs of the past year during which I reported which BOK albums were most popular in terms of total downloads (I can tell these things because my server allows me to see how much time was spent on a particular page on a particular day, you see. I can't tell what individual people are doing, however, so I'm not spying on people.) I thought with the new year here that it would be interesting to report how the ones available on the internet through the usual commercial venues such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and so forth, have done as of the end of 2014. Keep in mind, of course, that some albums such as SONGS FOR A PLAYED OUT GENERATION and WASP 51! have been available for years (in SFAPOG's case, almost ten years!), while others such as RIDING THE ECHO DOWN and WRITING ON THE WALL have only been available a few months or even a few weeks.

Anyway, in terms of total commercial downloads (from most to least) the list currently goes like this:

1. Songs For A Played Out Generation
2. Wasp 51!
3. The Haunted Life
4. In My Room: The Best Of Book Of Kills, Volume One
5. Different
6. Saint Judas
7. Wee Jim's Blackeye
8. All About You
9. So Far In Every Direction
10. Toward The Escape
11. This Is Your Book Of Kills
12. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
13. Don't Stop The Scream
14. Riding The Echo Down
15. Detritus
16. Writing On The Wall (Big Business Monkey, Volume 3)

It'll be time to decide which album goes up next before you know it. Probably FOR THE GOOD OF THE CAUSE, BLOOM OR DIE?, or THE STRANGE ONE, but you know how changeable my mind is...