Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills


DETRITUS is now available on iTunes, Spotify, CDBaby, and a number of other major online music stores. If you can't find it on your personal fave store, just check back regularly...you'll find it there sooner than later. This version of the album (which originally dropped in November of 1995 as a nine track, 30 minute e.p.) now features TWENTY-FIVE songs!

My wife and I went to the wedding/reception of one of my younger son's best friends this past weekend down in Williamsburg, VA. We had a lot of fun. Saw a lot of friends and acquaintances there that I hadn't hung out with in some time. Oddly, one of the first questions, if not the first, out of just about everyone's mouth was: "Are you still (make ghost guitar strumming motion) you still doing the music thing?" My reply was the same each time: "Well, a little. I record some." Second question: "You still have a band?" My reply: "Well, nah...not really. You know...you get older. It gets harder to find people to make music with unless you want to be in a cover band. And there just aren't as many musicians out there as there used to be." Then, invariably, someone would say, "That's a shame. I guess kids don't want to take the time to learn how to be a real musician anymore. Too hard."

Yeah. I guess. Wot are you gonna do?

Oh well. Hey! Don't forget to check out DETRITUS. It's a great album!