Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Delays Delays Delays

Lots of unexpected events, mainly family-oriented (non-emergency) things that take precedence over recording have occurred and will continue to occur through next week. I have mapped out the second song which will now NOT be a cover but rather a re-recording of a song that never made it past the demo stage and one that I added a bridge to when we began to play it in Fear + Whiskey back in 2010. I will definitely get an hour in this morning on the song, but beyond that, I doubt I'll get anything done on it before next Monday or Tuesday. The insert is largely done. So expect the 8th single to be mailed out around the middle of next week.

Karl Rove unfortunately did not practice last night, due to a mix-up, but I think we're shooting for next Monday night now. Looking forward to it!