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Dean Martin

Dean Martin died on this day in 1995. I always thought he was a pretty cool guy. The world doesn't have cool guys like Dean and Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis, Jr., and all those other Rat Pack men and women like Shirley MacClaine and Marilyn Monroe. There aren't any Steve McQueens anymore. I suppose we're evolving into something better where "coolness" isn't something to admire or aspire to, but a world without coolness isn't for me. Maybe it's an ego thing. I used to tell people I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than be cool, but that wasn't the way I really felt.

Anyway, Dean died twenty years ago today. Hard to believe. Some friends of mine and I and my wife are going to Steubenville, Ohio this coming year...not sure when but we'll be there with about a million other folks all celebrating Dean's 100th birthday. It's gonna be a blast. It's gonna be cool.

Happy Christmas! Merry New Year! Like I said, I'll be looking for some new uploads for the new year. This past year, I uploaded dozens of rare and previously unreleased songs and I hope 2015 will be no different.

At the advice of Rob Christensen, I've checked out Patreon. Interesting.