Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Changes? BIG Changes?

I'm thinking very seriously about making some changes in bookofkills.com. I'm well-aware that everyone these days from billion dollar powerhouses such as HBO, Amazon, and Netflix to relatively small-time podcasters such as Bald Move and Podcastica are scrambling for people's entertainment subscription dollars...or yen...or Euros...or pound sterling...or what have you. And perhaps the world doesn't need a nearly non-existent musical entity such as Book Of Kills to poke its runny little nose into everyone else's subscription business, but I'm thinking a yearly BOK subscription thing might not be such a bad idea for at least a couple reasons...

One, having people (even if it's only a few) pay a small yearly fee in exchange for, say, two or three downloadable new (or at least previously unreleased) Jim Shelley/BOK recordings a month (similar to the ill-fated "Song of the Month" thing back in 2011) would more or less force me to be more diligent in my music making. I have more time than ever to write and record, but lately I'm just spinning my creative wheels in the mud of indifference. I need to find some consistent motivation.

Second, I simply spend too much money every month essentially giving everything away. In April of this year (a month when I put up several pretty cool free downloads), people logged onto bookofkills.com an average of 508 times every day with 2776 different people visiting the site at least once. One day in April (I don't know why) the site averaged 501 hits an hour! Perhaps the most mind-boggling stat of all to me: Free songs on the site were downloaded in April 12,855 times! Maybe I'm dreaming, but it's nice to think that at least a small percentage of those folks would be willing to part with a tiny amount of cash (say, $15) annually in exchange for 20 exclusive Jim Shelley/BOK songs. And for the satisfaction of knowing they were a big reason I was making music again the way I used to.

I suppose after a certain amount of time had passed, I could create a compact disc collection of most of the material I'd recorded in any one subscription year so that people who didn't feel like subscribing could at least purchase an album of "new" BOK songs. Supporters would receive that album as well, simply for the cost involved in mailing it to them.

I wouldn't necessarily have to limit monthly offerings to musical tracks either. I could offer exclusive little articles about music making (say for instance, "The Making of DIFFERENT" or "How I Write Songs"...hey, there are actually people who listen to BOK who like that sort of stuff!) to subscribers as well.

I know there are crowd funding businesses out there such as IndieGoGo and Patreon, but I think there are way too many possible risks and barriers associated with using them, so they're just not a feasible option for me.

I've gotta go. And I'm sure as I think more about this, I'll come up with some additional ideas. If you have any thoughts you'd like to share with me, email me at bookofkils@aol.com