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CeeLo Speaks

From a recent interview the Washington Post conducted with CeeLo Green:

"...I don't know if [the music industry] is music anymore or if it's just product. It seems like it's more about product and product placement as opposed to the true lifeblood, hands-on true grit of music in terms of boosting the quality of life. Music can be multidimensional in that kind of way. But I can't say that it's the nourishment, the essentials, that stand out in this era. I've been looking at music videos and it seems just like business. I don't what what music has to do with it. And I believe that's kind of a coarse, harsh reality, and a jagged little pill to swallow."

Brian Jones was born on this day in 1942. I don't think the Rolling Stones (of which Jones was the founder and first leader) were ever really the same after he was ousted from the band in 1969 supposedly (and most probably) because of incapacitating alcohol and drug use, among other issues. Though the Stones had no other choice than to can Jones if they were going to continue performing live outside of England, they somehow lost their inventiveness after he was gone. Obviously, they created some masterpieces without him with Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main St., and Some Girls, but if you ask me (and I realize you didn't) it was all a slow slide downhill into the continuous repetition of a rather constricting formula after 1969's Let It Bleed.