Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Catching Up

Sorry for the gap in updates. I guess I'm better than most music sites anyway, aren't I? I know the few I follow update very irregularly. Anyway, I have a better excuse than usual this time.

Last Wednesday I awoke to find my left eye was suffering from "flashing" and what's called a "floater" (which everyone has at one time or another). I was alarmed enough to call a retina specialist who advised me to come in as soon as possible. Turns out I had a torn retina and had laser surgery within two hours after arriving at the doctor's office. Also turns out I had far more serious issue than even a torn retina, but I'll hold off on that discussion here till some time in the future. So anyhow I've been advised to avoid reading or walking much or doing much of anything that involves more than gentle movement until this Thursday when I go back to the doctor.

Obviously I won't be doing anything music-oriented before then. I have to decide on a new CDBaby upload, of course and I was going to start practicing with George Nipe III and Garfield Banks this week. That's all on hold right now.

I'll continue to post brief updates. Probably another one tomorrow. Till then...take care of your eyes.