Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Bugg 70 Reflections

Bugg 70 was a great party celebrating one man's 70 years here on Earth. I was sorely disappointed not to have been able to perform with Casey, Jane, George and Pablo, but I think George and I both agreed that in the end it was probably best that that band didn't play after all. As far as the future for the band goes, some things are up in the air and need to be quickly rectified, but I think everyone wants the group to continue. As I told the others, this aggregation of musicians possesses a lot of creativity and charisma and a certain intangible quality about it that I can't quite define but which I know could (and I emphasize "could") create some interesting and emotionally arresting music.

But last night that was neither here nor there. I hit the stage first right after dinner with Dusty Bugg, Brian Temples, and Gary Bugg and we ran through the old "Dylan Trilogy" that Gary and I have been playing with various incarnations of musicians for at least twenty years. It was fun and the three songs seemed to fly by.

Then it was a matter of waiting two hours before Fear + Whiskey (with Dusty on drums) delivered a five song set. The audience was great and really got into our performance and once again, it seemed as though we were on stage for seconds. Then Brian and Dusty rejoined us (with Amy helping out on some backing vocals) and we were suddenly Book Of Kills. While mistakes were in abundance, the energy carried us through and, surprisingly, most of the audience not only stayed to watch and listen, they seemed really appreciative of our performance. I guess maybe we weren't quite as abrasive and loud as we might've been in years past. I think everyone had a great time and Brian even expressed the desire to get together and play again some day in the future, something I think we all agreed would be fun.

Now George and I turn our attentions back to the "other" Book Of Kills. I really do want this band to stick together because I know if we actually worked at it (not an easy thing to do for most amateur bands) we could be special.