Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Brief Notes...

Doesn't look as though Casey, George, Jane, Pablo and I are going to practice this weekend. In fact, there's the possibility we won't be able to convene all together again before August 17. I'm not sure that I'd want to try to play if we don't. But we'll see. We still have two weeks to try to sneak in one more jam together. I'd like to think we could somehow find one day in the next eighteen where we could get together.

I find myself thinking about making an album a lot these days. I spend moments leafing through Musician's Friend catalogs and gazing longingly at a $3,000 Rickenbacker or a nice new computer interface with Pro Tools. But I know I'll never spring for anything like that. I would like to get a new keyboard since I've had mine now for almost eighteen years. Anyway, after wishful thinking for a while, I start to wonder what the point of putting out a new album is again. Is there something I haven't already said in a previous song? Can I write 10-12 new songs that would comprise an album as good as WASP 51! or DIFFERENT or HAUNTED LIFE or SAINT JUDAS? If not, what's the point? Maybe as long as I'm playing in some sort of real band I just can't focus my energies on creating an album.

It's hard to believe that next weekend I'll be jamming with Brian and Dusty and Amy and George and Gary. That will be a really fun day.

I hate most local cover bands. (How's that for random?) For one reason or another, I find myself going to bars on the weekend and seeing largely the same bands doing the same boring baby boomer standards week after week and there's times when I think I'll go crazy if I have to listen to "Brown Eyed Girl" or "Mustang Sally" one more time. Jesus, people. Use your fucking imaginations for once. Change up your set list if you're in a cover band. If you're a barfly, demand (or at least request) something a little outside the norm on occasion.

I wish I was in a real band.