Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Brian Jones, Jim Morrison and Other Last Calls

Brian Jones died on this day in 1969. I was in Europe at the time. Just a kid. The party I was with (about 35-40 college girls, my cousins Billy and Susan and their mom and dad, and a couple other folks) would fly into London and drive past Hyde Park on July 5, the day the Rolling Stones unveiled their new guitarist, Mick Taylor and gave a show "in honor" of Brian. As I noted fairly recently, the Stones were never the same after Jones was kicked out of the band and they lost his restless musicianship.  They lost all sense of adventure and became "the greatest rock and roll band on earth".

Two years later on this same day, Jim Morrison died supposedly of a heroin overdose. I remember I was in Williamsburg at the time. I walked down to the local record store and listened to the Doors music that the clerks were playing non-stop and talked to the various lost souls who couldn't seem to get their heads around the fact that Jim was dead. 

If I start one final version of Book of Kills, I wonder...would there be any place to play? Would anyone even show up to see the band? I think I'd like to "go out" on my terms...knowing that I was indeed going out, but I wonder if it would be worth it. But I do know I'd like to be in one last BOK.

"We took Brian's one thing away, which was being in a band." -- Charlie Watts