Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Boomboxes and Etc.

Last Thursday, as I was wandering through the endless piles of precious junk that makes up a typical auction, I came across a pristine Panasonic RX-FS470 boombox (more like a boom-let box). "So what?" you ask. Well, back in the late '90s (I think...perhaps early 2000s?), my mom gave me one of these little portable FM/AM/Cassette boomboxes for Christmas. Around that time, I met Casey and Jane Firkin and re-formed Book of Kills. I used the Panasonic to record our practices and gigs. Most of those recordings are evidently gone now, but thanks to my mom, I do have a few live recordings of my 2000-2008 era of music-making. Mom passed away in 2007 and strangely not much later the RX-FS470 ceased working.

Of course, in 2008 I purchased a Zoom digital recorder. It produced better sound but to this day I remain grateful to Mom for giving me the Panasonic. She saw to it that I preserved at least a fraction of my musical history. She always did look out for me.

The eleventh and penultimate BOK Single of the Month series CD might be a bit different from previous ones. More on that later.

On this day in 1966, The Beatles recorded one of John Lennon's greatest songs, "She Said She Said" from start to finish.

“I did actually do some writing with him later on.  I was at his house one day – this is the mid-Sixties – and he was struggling with some tunes.  He had loads of bits, maybe three songs, that were unfinished, and I made suggestions and helped him to work them together so that they became one finished song, ‘She Said She Said.’  The middle part of that record is a different song: ‘She said, I know what it’s like to be dead, and I said, oh, no, no you’re wrong…’  Then it goes into the other one, ‘When I was a boy…’ That was a real weld.  So I did things like that.” -- George Harrison