Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Book Of Kills (x2) Update

Casey and Jane Firkin have both thrown their hats into the ring! I contacted both Casey and Jane late this week by email and both seem excited about putting together a short set for the August show at Bugg's Place. As I noted previously, I talked to Gary Bugg recently about the blowout he's planning which will feature sets by Gary and his musical partner, the Eugenes, Fear + Whiskey, and two versions of Book Of Kills, one including me and two other original line-up members, Brian Temples and Dustin Bugg. I'm not sure at this point who, if anyone (I hope!), will take on the lead guitar responsibilities. The other version, of course, will consist of me, Casey, Jane and a bassist and drummer. Although Casey could handle the drumming, I think it would be more fun for him to play guitar and sing. There are a variety of possibilities as far as bass and drums. I know who I'd like to have jam with us, but I'm not going to say anything more on that matter until I make some inquiries.