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Jane emailed everyone last evening to let us know that the drummer she'd found in Staunton (sorry...I forgot to let you all know before today that she'd been working on finding us someone) had listened to a CD I'd made of the songs we were considering playing for the August thing and said that he liked what he heard and wanted to play with us. I don't know him, of course, and only know that his first name is Pablo. He comes highly recommended by local legends The Findells, however. That's high enough praise for me. We will practice (sadly minus Casey who, as I previously noted, will be playing gigs elsewhere) either this Saturday or Sunday. Though only 4/5ths of us will be in attendance, at least we can shake the dust off and get a bit of focus going. Jane has suggested that we think about playing another show and that's fine with me. If this little "experiment" proves to be viable I'd certainly be open to continuing it in some form and fashion going forward.