Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Book Of Kills CD Singles Series, Volume 3

Happy Fourth of July!

Okay...I think I can do this.

Here's what I'm thinking:

(1) Each month a Singles Series subscriber would receive a compact disc single with a specially designed insert (not a unique one for each subscriber!) along with a lyric sheet and liner notes. You would also have access to a page where you could download high quality mp3s or flacs of each single's songs.

(2) Each compact disc would feature 2 or 3 never-before-released tracks.

(3) These compact discs would not be sold through any other outlet. I would, however, reserve the right to possibly compile Singles Series recordings for download after a subscription year ended.

(4) When you started a subscription, you would be sent the single written and recorded for that month, not any previous month. For instance, if the series started in August of 2015 and you subscribed in September of 2015, you would receive the September single, not the August one. 

(5) However, as a subscriber, you would be able to purchase any previous month's single you might have missed.

(6) I haven't settled on a price, but it won't be exorbitant. Probably $5 a month...enough to cover manufacturing and shipping costs and generate a tiny profit.

(7) You could start or stop a subscription at any time, which technically, I guess, means it's not a subscription series, since you could purchase a CD one month and not do so the next. I'd probably give a small discount if someone wanted to subscribe for a year...say, $55 instead of what would amount to a cost of $60 for all twelve individual singles.

(8) The very first CD would most likely be the upcoming E.P (probably available in August). which will feature 7-8 new tracks.