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BOK Is On BandCamp.com Again

I've decided to start uploading my stuff to BandCamp.com again. I had several albums on that site a few years ago but took them all down because in spite of thousands of streams of my stuff, hardly anyone actually felt compelled to pay for the music and I guess I got disenchanted with the whole BandCamp "philosophy". But folks are slowly changing in their attitudes towards musicians and more and more they (folks, that is) are starting to actually support the bands and solo artists that they listen to, so I felt as though it was time to set up (or re-set up) my account on BandCamp. Besides, that site offers a very easy way to release new material in high quality formats almost instantly. I am going to be releasing some material before too long. BandCamp might well be the best way to put out new material on a near instant basis.