Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

BOK, Fear + Whiskey, etc.

Casey, Jane, George, Pablo and I had a fun, productive practice yesterday. We also added two "new" (old) songs that we were (at least most of us) already familiar with and could learn relatively quickly..."Gemini" and "To Dream A New Dream". Jane and Casey even floated the idea of adding 1-2 more songs next week. I'm having lots of fun playing with these people. Blow Up The Moon #4 is looming ever closer...

I met up with Gary Bugg at his place this past Saturday. I told him I'd listened recently all the way through the Fear + Whiskey anthology CD I just finished and that I'd been impressed with what the band had done...more impressed than I had been perhaps previously. And I'm mulling over the possibility of continuing the band on some sort of "part-time" basis. I'm not even sure, of course, that anyone else would consider that possibility.