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Big Day In History

"Whatever happens to you, fall in love with it, because really there's no other option. You can decide to rail against the fates. You can think, Oh, I'm a victim! or Oh, woe is me! But it happened. So love it. And see what the good is coming out of it." -- David Duchovny

Semi-big day in history. 

The Packers beat the Chiefs in 1967 in the first Super Bowl (although it wasn't yet called the "Super Bowl" in 1967.) GO PACK!

The Human Be-In took place in San Francisco, also in 1967. In many ways, that event was the fore-runner of giant music festivals such as Monterey and Woodstock.

Dave Grohl was born on this day in 1969. Jeez...that means he's gonna be forty-freaking-six this year!

The Sex Pistols played their final concert, at Winterland ("Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"), in 1978. Of course, they re-formed in the 1996 for the "Filthy Lucre" tour, but Sid Vicious was, of course, long dead by then (although let us not forget that Glenn Matlock was the ORIGINAL bassist of the Pistols. And probably the most important member, musically.)

Jerry Nolan died on this day in 1992.