Jim Shelley & Book Of Kills

Big Business Monkey, Volume 2

I'm in the final stages of preparing May 1995's BIG BUSINESS MONKEY, VOLUME 2 for its appearance at online music stores all around the globe. This album originally collected tracks (which at the time were no longer available) from DETRITUS and THE BEST OF BOOK OF KILLS, VOLUME TWO as well as other material that had never been released before. Just two months later I released SAINT JUDAS, so BBM, VOLUME 2 sort of got lost in the shuffle at the time, but it's a really good compilation album. At the time, Jim Santo of ALTERNATIVE PRESS wrote in a review of the cassette that, "...Shelley's music is raw, desperate, incisive and unsparing; if Dylan grew up a punk, listening to Iggy Pop instead of Woody Guthrie, he'd write tunes like 'Idiot Planet.' A compilation of 2 earlier and now unavailable tapes, BBM 2 features 5 songs by a live incarnation of BOK; it's crushing stuff that I wish I'd experienced live. The rest is Jim solo and even more abrasive. Do all three of us a favor - you, me and Shelley - and check this guy out." The album should be available at iTunes and a few of the larger stores by early next week and just about everywhere else on the internet that streams or sells downloads within a couple weeks. It'll feature twenty-five (that's right, TWENTY-FIVE!) tracks, many of them long-time BOK concert faves.